Jigsaw Firm's Statement of Policy


Every effort has been made to accurately represent the products and services provided by Jigsaw Firm and their potential. There is no guarantee that our services will yield specific results. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and Jigsaw Firm makes no guarantees that your business paperwork will be approved.

Website Maintenance:

Website maintenance is offered on a non-contractual basis. A fee may be assessed upon cancellation of the maintenance agreement for reprocessing of email accounts, domain names or other website content. The Website Maintenance package will renew each month unless notification to cancel the agreement is received. The website maintenance package is intended to service your existing website, including, but not limited to, editing, deleting or adding text, pictures and other content, editing, deleting or adding products to an existing shopping cart, and adding pages to an existing website. Some features requiring custom coding may not be included under the maintenance agreement and may be subject to hourly design charges.

Website Design

To keep design costs low, some websites may include elements that are commercially offered free or charge through our partners or may include designs or elements that are based on standard website templates. The stock images and graphics used in the initial website design are merely placeholders and are not intended for permanent use. Upon turning ownership of the website over to the client, clients are expected to replace stock images with their own personal images. As the designer, Jigsaw Firm LLC is not responsible for any copyright infringement that may result from prolonged use of said images and graphics.

Cancellation of Services:

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will fully refund the cost of any goods/services not yet rendered or performed on your behalf. This includes but is not limited to printing costs, setup fees, drafting of paperwork and design fees. Once documentation has been sent and/or orders have been placed with third party companies, the service is to be considered performed and the goods rendered. If services have been partially performed at the time of the request for refund, we will return a proportion of the cost according to the percentage of services not yet completed.

Legal Disclaimer:

Jigsaw Firm does not provide tax or legal advice. You must not rely on the information from Jigsaw Firm as an alternative to legal advice from your attorney, other professional legal services provider or tax professional. If you have any specific questions about any legal or tax matter you should consult your attorney, other professional legal services provider, or tax professional. You should never delay seeking legal advice, disregard legal advice, or commence or discontinue any legal action because of information on this website or from any Jigsaw Firm representative.

Web Hosting:

Unless you are under our Monthly Maintenance or Monthly Website Hosting package, website hosting is contracted through a third-party affiliate, Tucows Incorporated, and renews at a regular rate of $107.40 per year. Remuneration in this case is made directly to Tucows, Incorporated. Jigsaw Firm is not liable for any additional costs, assessments, rules or regulations in regard to your agreement with the third-party hosting company.

Printing Proof Disclaimer:

The proof of your artwork is intended for content and position only. The colors shown are approximated on any monitor or printer. Color appearance may vary from computer to computer depending on color, contrast, and brightness settings on each computer, and surrounding lighting conditions. Terms - As the customer, you are solely responsible for final approval of this proof and for certifying its adequacy and accuracy. Jigsaw Firm is not responsible for any errors, whereas it conforms to the approved proof.